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A huge part of my job as a Delegate is to help you in any way I can to solve problems you may be having with a wide range of issues, from street repairs to state tax returns. My aide, Aaron Yohai, and I stand ready to make sure that you get the help you need. Use the contact numbers and internet links below to report problems directly or to get information. Please, don’t hesitate to contact my office when you need assistance.

Looking for precinct or voting information?

Fairfax County Issues

Police Department

(703) 691-2131 Non-Emergency Police Line to report suspicious activity that is not life threatening

(703) 280-0550 Reporting commercial vehicles parked on the street in a residential area

(703) 280-0587 Reporting five or fewer inoperative motor vehicles on private property

Public Works and Environmental Services

(703) 324-1950 Reporting grass over 12 inches on residential lots of less than 1/2 acre.

(703) 324-1937 Reporting construction without permits.

Noise Ordinances Enforcement

(703) 324-1300: Monday through Friday from 8am-4:30pm.
(703) 691-2131
: All other times.

Health Department

(703) 246-2300 Reporting dilapidated/unsightly residential properties; unsafe/unsanitary conditions; improper disposal of household garbage and/or trash; rats, roaches, or mosquitoes; too many people in a home.

Department of Planning and Zoning

(703) 324-1300 Reporting apartments in a single family home or more than 4 unrelated persons living in one house; too many animals in a home; ponding of water on a residential lot; junk and debris in yard; commercial vehicles parked on private property in residential area; more than five inoperative motor vehicles on private property.

Fairfax County Representation


Supervisor James Walkinshaw and School Board Member Megan McLaughlin

For Precincts: Chapel, Kings Park, North Springfield, Canterbury, Ravensworth, Wakefield, Danbury.


Supervisor Rodney Lusk and School Board Member Tammy Derenak Kaufax

For Precincts: Crestwood, Garfield, Lynbrook, Pioneer, Lane, and Greenspring.


Supervisor Penelope Gross and School Board Member Sandy Evans

For Precincts: Bren Mar, Weyanoke, Edsall, Ridgelea and Camelot


Supervisor Dan Storck and School Board Member Karen Corbett Sanders

For Alban and Saratoga Precincts.

Congressional Representation


Congressman Gerry Connolly

For Precincts: Camelot, Chapel, Danbury, Greenspring, Kings Park, North Springfield, Canterbury, Ravensworth, Ridgelea, and Wakefield.


Congressman Don Beyer

For Precincts: Alban, Bren Mar, Crestwood, Edsall, Forestdale, Garfield, Lynbrook, Pioneer, Lane, Saratoga, and Weyanoke.