In Fairfax County

I WORK OUT OF MY HOME with my Aide, Aaron Yohai.
Call: (703) 978-2989
Fax: (703) 978-2750

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Delegate Vivian Watts
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In Richmond

FROM THE 2ND WEDNESDAY IN JANUARY THROUGH FEBRUARY I'm in Richmond.  The Virginia General Assembly handles as many bills in this short time as Congress does in a year.  It is very intense. When you want me to know you support or oppose a bill, it is very helpful if you include a brief reason.  Bills frequently are changed through amendments and, if I know your concerns, I can better address them.

To talk to Aaron Yohai, my Aide, call:
(804) 698-1139

To send an e-mail:
[email protected]

To send a FAX:
(804) 698-6739

Legislative information during the Session
House: (804) 698-1500
Senate: (804) 698-7410
General: 1-877-600-1619

Weekly schedule of official meetings when the General Assembly is not in Session:
Call: (804) 698 - 1651