I've worked alongside countless dedicated citizens to improve the qualityof life in our neighborhoods, Fairfax County, and Virginia. I'm honored to take on the challenge of bringing these issues and your concerns to the General Assembly.


  A huge part of my job is to help you in any way I can to solve problems you're having with a wide range of issues, from street repairs to state tax returns. My aide, Deb Sherman, and I stand ready to make sure that you get the help you need. Both the CONTACT ME and GET HELP sections are designed to serve you.


  See VIVIAN'S VIEWS for the work I've done and am committed to do in the future with the economy, transportation, K-12, higher education, environment, crime, human services, community concerns, senior citizens, and other important issues.  You'll also find a list of bills I've gotten passed.

  Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns about any issue. 


   Beginning July 1st, a number of new laws took effect as a result of bills passed by the General Assembly.  Click for more information on 2017 changes in the law.

   I only have the funds to send out one newsletter a year.  I try to make it count!  Here's my 2017 Newsletter which gives you a fuller understanding of some major issues facing Virginia:  what was done in the last Session and challenges ahead.


I'm proud to have raised my family and lived in the 39th District for over 40 years. I've served many ways from PTA president to Virginia's Secretary of Transportation and Public Safety.  Please, read more about my full record and my long and deep involvement under ABOUT VIVIAN.




  Delegate Watts Calendar

      Items in bold are open to the public.

  • Tuesday, January 9th, 10 AM, Jt Commission on Transportation Accountability, House Room 1, The Capitol, Richmond
  • Wednesday, January 10th, 7 AM, Annual Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast, Greater Richmond Convention Center
  • Wednesday, January 10th, 12 noon, General Assembly Convenes for the 2018 Legislative Session, The Capitol, Richmond.  Session will continue thru March 10, 2018



Launching Fairfax County's First HAWK Signal Pedestrian Crosswalk to safely join Lynnbrook Elementary and the community.


Memorial Day

     Chinese New Year Celebration

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Governor McAuliffe at bill signing cermony to review deaths in Virginia jails acknowledging Vivian's work in mental health and public safety.

Members of House of Delegates at Richmond Wrap-Up sponsored by Social Action Linking Together.

Governor McAuliffe signing bills to make voting more accessible and reduce waiting lines.

Del. Watts presents bill protecting use of Birth Control to House Courts Committee that again voted it down.

Delegates in the reconstructed Capitol in Williamsburg for the Commemorative General Assembly Session held every four years.

400 years ago, the first English settlers arrived in Jamestown. Despite many deaths, within 12 years, eight settlements had been established and two representatives were elected from each to form the first General Assembly. Its Speaker, John Pory, observed,

"...Peace is best preserved by giving...information to the people."

This website continues that tradition as we reason together to shape policies that will stand the test of time.