The Right to Use Birth Control

In 2020, all Republicans in Virginia's General Assembly (with just two abstaining) voted against ensuring FDA-approved birth control couldn’t be considered abortion (HB552 Watts).  This was even after it was made clear that FDA-approved birth control was “standard” birth control (pill, IUD, spermicides, barrier, sterilization, LARCs) and did NOT include emergency contraceptives (morning after pills.)
Women had introduced this bill every year since 2003. It was always killed in a small, special subcommittee controlled by the Republican majority. I'd thought they were protecting their members who didn’t want to vote against birth control and, yet, in 2020 they did!  They believe – or are afraid to vote against those in their base who believe – that life begins at conception defined as the moment egg and sperm meet – not “the implantation of a fertilized egg in the womb” which happens a number of days later.



I've worked alongside countless dedicated citizens to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, Fairfax County, and Virginia. I'm honored to take on the challenge of bringing these issues and your concerns to the General Assembly.