This section has information about my views; actions on major issues; and excerpts from letters, questionnaires, and other public statements. If you'd like to see how I voted on a particular issue or all the bills I've introduced, click here to use the General Assembly's searchable databases.

Here's a list of my bills that were passed and signed into law.

As your Delegate in the state legislature, I face the challenge of acting on your behalf on a great many items from taxes to health care to school funding to crime to the environment. I value your opinions and constantly learn from your experiences to help me serve more effectively.

As your representative, I also believe that I have an obligation to make my views available and to provide you with information about the complex debates on major challenges we face.

Please feel free to contact my office with any questions or concerns. It is a challenge to balance the best interests of all of the citizens of the 39th District and to be sure that these decisions will stand the test of time.

I hope I can continue to earn your trust.


THE ECONOMY (updated 9/15)

While we were better-off than most states in dealing with the economic downturn.  Congressional debates on sequestration is having an serious impact on Virginia.  Read more about state revenue and the impact of Congressional debates.


I didn't intend to make fighting for adequate transportation funds my life's work (!) but somehow being a numbers person from Northern Virginia -- and being tenacious -- has repeatedly made me the right person at the right time.  Read more about the 2013 long-overdue success and the challenges ahead.

EDUCATION (updated 9/15)

We need smaller class sizes, especially through the 3rd grade. Read more about what I've done to reduce class sizes, to increase state spending, and the challenges I believe education must face.

HIGHER EDUCATION (updated 9/15)

College must be available to all with ability, not just ability to pay. Read more about the importance of keeping higher education accessible, of assuring its continued quality, and expanding professional skills training as key to job growth.

HEALTH SERVICES (updated 9/15)

I've seen the frustration in those who feel helpless to protect their loved ones, the courage of those facing health challenges, and the compassion of people reaching out to help those who no longer can care for themselves. Read more about what I've done to provide care and protection for those who are in need.


The 39th District is a wonderfully diverse and active community. Read more about what I am doing to protect our quality of life and make sure this continues to be a vibrant community, especially with the challenges of Express Lane construction and making sure government decisions are inclusive.


I love the outdoors -- backpacking, wilderness camping, rafting. Virginia has many treasures that must be preserved.  We can be in the forefront of green energy development. Read more about my commitment to clean up, conserve. and protect.


Many residents of the 39th District are well-beyond 39! Read more about the support that is available to help seniors continue to live independently and the laws that allow us all to stay in control of our lives.


As a member of the House Courts Committee, I have been part of crafting "the toughest anti-gang laws in the nation." Read more about what I've done to fight crime and help victims.


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